2019, 85 min, Dir: Gregg Hale, Liam O'Donnell, Eduardo Sánchez, Timo Tjahjanto

This striking sci-fi horror hybrid focuses on mysterious cosmic anomalies appearing across the world after a series of blackouts. Some attempt to flee these objects, others find themselves inexplicably drawn to them; no matter what the reaction, the end results are bloody, frightening, destructive and most of all, brilliantly entertaining. Proving there’s still a lot of life left in the anthology format, PORTALS soars on the talents of several incredible directors, including the minds behind the V/H/S series and some of the last decade’s most amazing horror shorts and features.

2019, 89 min, Dir: Andrew Patterson

Over the course of one exhilarating night in New Mexico during the 1950s, a young switchboard operator and a DJ attempt to uncover the mystery behind a strange frequency while the residents of their town are focused on a crucial high-school basketball game. What they uncover not only sends them down a rabbit hole of gargantuan proportions but also threatens humanity in ways they could never imagine. Channeling the aesthetics of classic sci-fi films, but doing it in a way that is wholly unique, Patterson’s wildly imaginative debut is awash with long single takes and intriguing one-on-one interviews, and features incredible lead performances by Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz.

1971, 91 min, Dir: Al Adamson

Al Adamson’s low-budget, epic masterpiece began shooting as a biker picture called THE BLOOD SEEKERS. Initially shelved, the film was suddenly brought back to life as a monster movie and became one of the most beloved and entertaining B-films of the ’70s. It features Oscar-nominated actor J. Carrol Nash (HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN) as the mad scientist hell-bent on revenge, with horror legend Lon Chaney Jr. co-starring - not as Dracula or Frankenstein but as Groton, a puppy-loving, axe-wielding maniac. With Adamson alum and wife Regina Carrol, WEST SIDE STORY’s Russ Tamblyn, Jim Davis from TV’s “Dallas,” Zandor Vorkov (as a Frank-Zappa-in-KISS-makeup styled Count Dracula) and a cameo from the great Forrest J. Ackerman.

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