1973, 103 min, USA, Dir: Philip D’Antoni

Roy Scheider stars as Buddy Manucci, a maverick cop who goes to war against kidnapper Vito Lucia (Tony Lo Bianco) in this New York action classic. Director D’Antoni, a producer on BULLITT and THE FRENCH CONNECTION, adds another classic car chase to his resume with a riveting midpoint action sequence in which Scheider flies through the streets of Manhattan and New Jersey in his 1973 Pontiac Ventura. Adapted from a story by Sonny Grosso, the real cop Scheider played in THE FRENCH CONNECTION.

1979, 20th Century Fox, 123 min, USA, Dir: Bob Fosse

This intense, compelling musical based on the life of its director-choreographer-screenwriter, Bob Fosse, won the Palme D’Or at the 1980 Cannes Film Festival. Roy Scheider was Oscar-nominated for his performance (the film earned 9 nominations and 4 wins) as an obsessed, womanizing, pill-popping, chain-smoking Broadway choreographer and director who pays the ultimate price for his insane, creative lifestyle; kudos go to Ann Reinking playing his patient mistress. The movie probably has the only musical number set during open-heart surgery. With Jessica Lange, Cliff Gorman, Ben Vereen.

1976, Paramount, 125 min, USA, Dir: John Schlesinger

Nail-biting political thriller with Dustin Hoffman investigating the death of his government agent brother, Roy Scheider - and running smack into Nazi-on-the-run Laurence Olivier, in one of his most wildly entertaining performances. Marthe Keller earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Hoffman’s ill-fated girlfriend.

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