Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Boulevard
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Events at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood

Sun, Nov 24, 2019 • 5:00pm

Argentina New Cinema Screening - Los Angeles Premiere! Mockumentary FROM HERE TO CHINA takes a light-hearted look at the immigrant experience, following two friends who cross the ocean to open an Argentine market in China’s Fujian province. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Sun, Nov 24, 2019 • 8:00pm

Argentina New Cinema Screening - Los Angeles Premiere! In Juan José Campanella’s biting comedy THE WEASEL’S TALE, two fans show up at the mansion where an aging actress (Graciela Borges) resides with her retinue, their flattery masks their real intent – to acquire the property for real estate development.

Cinematic Void 2019
Black Friday Double Feature!
Fri, Nov 29, 2019 • 7:30pm

Cinematic Void Black Friday Double Feature! In CHOPPING MALL, Four couples party after hours at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, only to be targeted by robot security guards turned lethal by a lightning storm. In PHANTOM OF THE MALL: ERIC'S REVENGE, developers kill a man to build a mall on his land, but he returns to exact revenge. Both on 35mm!

Triple Feature!
Sat, Nov 30, 2019 • 1:00pm

Triple Feature on 35mm! Director Peter Jackson and a brilliantly talented cast and crew brought to cinematic life THE LORD OF THE RINGS, J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic adventure of good against evil.

Brian De Palma Double Feature! Editor Paul Hirsch In Person!
Fri, Dec 6, 2019 • 7:30pm

De Palma Double Feature! SISTERS stars Margot Kidder as separated Siamese twins involved with murder. In BLOW OUT, John Travolta is a sound-effects who accidentally records a fatal car crash that might be a hushed-up political assassination. Discussion between films with editor Paul Hirsch.

Highlights from the 2019 New York Film Festival
Sat, Dec 7, 2019 • 5:00pm

The New York Film Festival’s annual Projections section presents a diverse selection of film and video works from some of the most adventurous moving-image artists in contemporary cinema. These highlights from the 2019 shorts lineup include “The Prince of Homburg,” “Tyrant Star,” “Billy” and “Two Sisters Who Are Not Sisters / Deux soeurs qui n’est sont pas soeurs” – all Los Angeles premieres! Co-presented by Acropolis Cinema, Film at Lincoln Center and MUBI.