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Events at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood

Seminars For Filmmakers 2014
New Film Clips!
Thu, Nov 20, 2014 • 7:30pm

If a picture says a thousand words, why do contemporary movie characters talk so much? Visual Consultant Thomas Ethan Harris explores the artful dimensions of character design and character building by weaving a creative visual web around a currently all too “talkie” medium.

Double Feature! Opening Night & Reception! Music composer Federico Jusid In Person!
Fri, Nov 21, 2014 • 7:30pm

The annual Argentina: New Cinema series opens with the Los Angeles premiere of Miguel Cohan's vintage-noir inspired murder mystery BETIBÚ and Matias Lucchesi’s feature debut NATURAL SCIENCES, in which a 12-year-old sets out from her school in search of answers about her long-absent father.

Art Deco Illustrated Presentations 2014
Sat, Nov 22, 2014 • 2:00pm

Who designed Flash Gordon’s spaceship? Why does Superman wear a cape? What's the connection between Gotham City and Fritz Lang's Metropolis? In an illustrated lecture, film history writer Anne Marie Kelly traces the superhero’s origins in the optimism and style of 1930s Art Deco, and follows the enduring legacy of Deco design in the superhero’s cinematic rebirth at the end of the 20th century. We will be showing some 1940s Superman cartoons from the Fleischer Studios before FLASHGORDON: ROCKETSHIP (1936) on Saturday!

Century Guild Gallery will be selling original pulp movie posters from the 1950s on site.

Double Feature! Los Angeles Premieres!
Sat, Nov 22, 2014 • 7:30pm

When his best friend and business partner disappears, a man and his friend's wife embark on a journey to find him in Daniel Burman's highest-grossing film to date, THE MYSTERY OF HAPPINESS. It's paired with Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee LOCK CHARMER, a film with a touch of magical realism that finds a locksmith given an unusual ability to see into peoples’ lives as he fixes their locks.

Double Feature! Los Angeles Premieres!
Sun, Nov 23, 2014 • 7:30pm

This year's series of new films from Argentina closes with a double feature of Diego Lerman's domestic abuse drama REFUGIADO, Director’s Fortnight selection at Cannes, and writer-director Matías Piñeiro's well-crafted romantic rondelay THE PRINCESS OF FRANCE, in which a theater director attempts to mount a radio production of Love’s Labour’s Lost.

Fri, Nov 28, 2014 • 7:30pm

Master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s mind-blowing meditation on the inherent dangers (and wonders) of technology, the limitless vistas of space, and the future of the human race must be seen on the big screen to be believed.