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Thu, May 26, 2016

Seminars For Filmmakers 2016
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Has a certain “economy of expression” come to dominate your truer ambitions to visually interpret your cinema? Have 100-year-old systematized production means and techniques come to rule your filmmaking practice? Has the pressure of efficiency and practicality replaced your ability to make something personal and cinematic?

The creation of rewarding narrative cinema has always depended upon the director's ability to translate and interpret written work into a unique and personal visual expression. While certain production concerns (dialogue, camera placement, performance) consume many filmmakers' greater intentions, the most renowned film directors soar by creatively digging into their vast arsenal of "cinematic tools" to overcome limitations and to visually/aurally enhance their films.

Learning how to transcend the contemporary “norms” of cinematic scene construction is key to successfully emerging in an increasingly crowded film arena.

Narrative cinema has always been more than performance, dialogue and standardized uses of cinematography!

While the basic master shot – shot – reverse shot breakdown may be the most efficient way of shooting a scene, it is not the only way!!!

• How can enhanced mise-en-scene infuse greater meaning into a scene than the standard master shot?

• How does the long take dynamically reestablish character depth and add new meaning into a scene?

• What lies beyond a “realistic” and “Method” approach to acting? What is the effect of other forms of acting style choices?

• What is the actual effect of shooting a scene without reverse angles or as a creatively designed two shot?

• How can basing your shot compositions on a character’s demeanor actually create a more dynamic and intense relationship between the character and the audience than pages of (expository) dialogue?

• What really needs to be present in a close up in order to make it truly matter cinematically?

• Why is the protagonist always placed in the center of the frame?

• Why isn’t sound and color design orchestrated in a more profound, meaningful way in cinema today?

• When is the use of slow motion, dramatic camera angles and opticals an enhancement to narrative consistency and character establishment?

• How does losing a reverse angle or an establishment shot in a sequence focus and intensify the relationship between the audience and a primary character?

It’s not money that sets you apart from being an Almodovar, Anderson (P.T., of course!), Campion, Coppola, Fincher, Scorsese or a Von Trier… it’s clearly understanding how intricately linked original and personal visual expression is to achieving your ultimate filmmaking career objectives.

It’s time to wake up your deepest directorial ambitions and abilities.

Film Producer and Visual Consultant Thomas Ethan Harris offers a Director's Workshop that asks you to move beyond traditional visualizing practices to explore the true glories of reinterpreting the cinematic scene to include personal and artistic sheen.

So before you finish writing that script, before you shoot that film, take this one-of-a-kind, extremely motivating Director’s Workshop designed to get you back in touch with your creative instincts so that you can make the film you intended to make in the first place and ultimately score the career you want…and deserve!

Film Clips Will Be Used To Inspire An Open Dialogue With The Audience.

180 minutes | Tickets: $16 Member, $20 Student/Senior, $25 General. No passes.
Egyptian Theatre • Thu, May 26, 2016 • 7:30pm

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