1927, 99 min, Dir: Alan Crosland

Based on the life of poet François Villon, this silent is set in William Cameron Menzies’ fantastic vision of 15th-century Paris and is packed with adventure and laughs. Star John Barrymore described Villon as a “poet, pickpocket, patriot - loving France earnestly, French women excessively, and French wine exclusively.” With Conrad Veidt as King Louis XI.

1926, 84 min, USA, Dir: William Beaudine

In her final juvenile role, Mary Pickford shines as Molly, the eldest of a group of orphans held as virtual slaves by the nefarious Mr. Grimes (Gustav von Seyffertitz) on a farm deep in the bayou. With its German expressionist look and a thrilling chase through a swamp filled with hungry alligators, this is one of “America’s Sweetheart’s” most memorable silents.

1939, Universal, 79 min, USA, Dir: George Marshall

W.C. Fields re-creates his legendary radio feud with wooden wag Charlie McCarthy in this cavalcade of gags and insults. The Great Man plays Larson E. Whipsnade, owner of a debt-ridden circus, whose daughter is in love with the troupe’s ventriloquist (Edgar Bergen). Fields allegedly turned down the title role in THE WIZARD OF OZ to focus on this film.

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