1983, Universal, 84 min, USA, Dir: Charles Band

Produced and directed by B-movie maestro Charles Band, this highly enjoyable cult film takes place on the mysterious desert planet of Lemuria, where humans gather in small mining towns to scavenge for crystals imbued with mystical powers. Dressed suspiciously like Mel Gibson’s Max Rockatansky, space ranger Dogen (Jeffrey Byron) sets out to stop the murderous villain Jared-Syn, memorably played by THE ROAD WARRIOR’s Michael Preston. This MAD MAX knockoff is a surprisingly fun adventure that takes wasteland sci-fi to new, intergalactic places with some truly outstanding visuals.

1978, 85 min, USA, Dir: Michael Rae

When teen Billy Duncan stumbles upon a strange alien laser in the middle of the desert, at first he uses it just for fun - but the evil within it corrupts him, transforming him into an inhuman energy-blasting murderer. Now a duo of intergalactic creatures must stop him before he scorches the Earth in a laser-beam inferno.

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