1982, 88 min, USA, Dir: Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow

During Christmas break, a group of college students stays behind to help clear a dormitory for demolition. But someone is missing their holiday cheer as a killer targets the students with a variety of murderous gifts. Also known as PRANKS, THE DORM THAT DRIPS BLOOD is a mean-spirited slasher that’ll fill your stocking with nasty brutality.

2018, Film Factory Entertainment, 112 min, Argentina, Dir: Armando Bo

BIRDMAN’s Oscar-winning writer directs a wickedly ironic thriller that was a big box office hit in Argentina with more than a half-million admissions. Antonio (THE CLAN’s Guillermo Francella) has the perfect life: a loving family, a good job and a nice house. But that bubble bursts when he finds out he’s in urgent need of a kidney transplant. Antonio has always been a by-the-book kind of guy, but when all legal means for obtaining a kidney fall through, he turns to the black market, where he’s forced to the moral edge by a couple who put his desperation to the test.

2018, Magnolia Pictures, 102 min, Italy/France, Dir: Matteo Garrone

This riveting underworld drama from Matteo Garrone (GOMORRAH) centers on Marcello (Cannes Best Actor winner Marcello Fonte), a humble dog groomer, a loving single father and, to make ends meet, a petty coke dealer. Among his customers is Simone (Edoardo Pesce), a thug who terrorizes his run-down Naples neighborhood - and wants Marcello’s help to commit a robbery. A fable of good and evil colored by dark humor and surreal touches, DOGMAN earned eight Nastro d'Argento awards. “DOGMAN unfolds its relatively straightforward story with both thrilling style and serious moral force: it’s a sensation judged on either bark or bite.” - Robbie Collin, The Telegraph.

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