1980, Analysis Film Releasing, 87 min, USA, Dir: William Lustig

Character actor extraordinaire Joe Spinell wrote the script and plays the title role in this deeply disturbing portrait of a man whose abusive upbringing turns him into a serial killer.

1971, American Genre Film Archive, 87 min, USA, Dir: Tom Hanson

"Who is he? What is he? When is he going to strike again?” This ripped-from-the-headlines exploitation flick inspired by the infamous Bay Area serial killings beat DIRTY HARRY into theaters by eight months. Hal Reed plays the title role, a mail carrier (and Satanist) who mocks authorities as he carries on his bloody work.

1948, Lobster Films, 97 min, France, Dir: Jean-Devaivre

Among the most accomplished features by director Jean-Devaivre (whose career helped inspire Bertrand Tavernier’s SAFE CONDUCT), this thriller puts the conventions of the detective film to wonderfully entertaining use. When a pharmaceutical magnate begins receiving anonymous threatening letters, Stanislas-Octave Seminario (future DIABOLIQUE star Paul Meurisse) is enlisted to help; as “SOS” investigates, the mystery deepens when a member of the magnate’s family is poisoned, murmuring “the lady of eleven o'clock” as he died.

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