1990, Warner Bros., 120 min, USA/Japan/UK, Dir: Barbet Schroeder

Jeremy Irons won a well-deserved Academy Award for Best Actor for his wonderfully sly performance as aristocrat Claus von Bülow, accused of attempted murder of his rich wife, Sunny (Glenn Close). Costarring Ron Silver as Alan Dershowitz.

1982, Zeitgeist Films, 108 min, UK, Dir: Peter Greenaway

Director Peter Greenaway’s first arthouse hit was this stylish and beautifully rendered murder mystery set on a rural English country estate in 1694. An artist (Anthony Higgins) is hired to draw landscapes for a wealthy couple; in its meticulous detail, the young man’s art unwittingly captures evidence of foul play. An elegant, multilayered puzzle that goes way beyond a simple “whodunit” to explore class and sexual politics.

1971, American Genre Film Archive, 87 min, USA, Dir: Tom Hanson

"Who is he? What is he? When is he going to strike again?” This ripped-from-the-headlines exploitation flick inspired by the infamous Bay Area serial killings beat DIRTY HARRY into theaters by eight months. Hal Reed plays the title role, a mail carrier (and Satanist) who mocks authorities as he carries on his bloody work.

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