2018, Warner Bros., 113 min, China/USA, Dir: Jon Turteltaub

Just off the Chinese coast, a deep-sea submersible is attacked by a gigantic, 75-foot shark that was thought to be extinct long ago. This shark's name? Megalodon! The only hope the crew has of escaping rests in the hands of Jonas Taylor, played by Jason Statham. Taylor has a history of deep-sea rescue missions but this isn’t the first time he’s met Megalodon. Can he overcome his fears and save not only the crew’s lives, but his own? Jon Turteltaub directs this action-packed thriller guaranteed to make you jump out of your seat and think twice about getting into the ocean.

1983, Universal, 99 min, USA, Dir: Joe Alves

The Brody family is back in the third installment of the JAWS series, starring Dennis Quaid and Bess Armstrong. This time out, police chief Brody’s son is all grown up and ready to marry a killer whale biologist when an undersea exhibit opens at the local Sea World resort and a great white shark sneaks in. As Quaid, Armstrong and crew deal with the ensuing havoc, they soon realize the situation is even more dangerous than they thought. The 3-D cinematography gets the audience closer to the action than they’ve ever been, from waterskiing human pyramids to a realistic and terrifying wave of destruction.

1983, 89 min, USA, Dir: Worth Keeter

Never have canines looked more vicious and terrifying than in this cult horror favorite, a brutal creature feature where the blood and animal maulings are amplified through glorious 3-D! When a pack of Rottweilers is trained as killing machines by the U.S. military, little is done to stop them from escaping and wreaking havoc on the peaceful town of Lake Lure. As the body count multiplies, the community’s only hope to stop the bloodshed is Sheriff Hank Williams (Earl Owensby) and his small band of deputies.

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