1982, Universal, 118 min, USA, Dir: Paul Schrader

Director Paul Schrader adds a glossy ’80s eroticism to Jacques Tourneur’s ’40s horror classic about a race of people who turn into cats when sexually aroused. Nastassja Kinski travels to New Orleans to visit long-separated brother Malcolm McDowell, who goes missing right around the time a black panther attacks a prostitute. Giorgio Moroder’s synth-pop score includes the David Bowie hit “Cat People (Putting Out Fire).”

2016, 91 min, Germany, Dir: Tobias Nölle

In the feature debut from writer-director Tobias Nölle, Aloys Adorn (Georg Friedrich) is a middle-aged private detective who records everything with his surveillance camera, obsessively collecting and reviewing the tapes. After his father dies, Aloys’ sheltered existence begins to fall apart; after a night of heavy drinking, he wakes up to find that his camera and tapes have been stolen. A mysterious woman (Tilde von Overbeck) calls offering to return the tapes if Aloys will play a “telephone walking” game with her - one that may finally bring the man out of his isolation and into the real world. In German and Swiss German with English subtitles.

2016, 87 min, Dir: David Hartman

Brothers Mike (A. Michael Baldwin) and Jody Pearson (Bill Thornbury) take on supernatural undertaker The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm, in his final screen appearance) as the hit horror franchise reaches its conclusion. With Reggie Bannister.

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