1983, 20th Century Fox, 134 min, USA, Dir: Richard Marquand

In the exciting conclusion to the original STAR WARS trilogy, a new Death Star threatens the Rebel Alliance, and to destroy it, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) enlists the help of a tribe of furry little creatures called Ewoks - and confronts the evil Darth Vader. Written by George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan, RETURN OF THE JEDI received a special visual effects Oscar for such dazzling sequences as the Sarlacc battle and the Endor speeder bike chase. Costarring Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams. Originally premiered at the Egyptian Theatre!

2011, 136 min, Japan, Dir: Koji Masunari

With an intergalactic cast of thousands, director Koji Masunari’s colorfully explosive debut feature sets a new high for visual spectacle and sheer inventiveness of character design. When Amane and her older cousin Natsuki find an injured dog in the woods, they discover that he is not a dog at all, but Pochi, an alien botanist sent to Earth to track down a rare and powerful plant. Before long, Pochi has whisked the kids away to a space colony on the dark side of the moon, an interstellar gathering place of humorous alien creatures, jellyfish spaceships, dragon trains, and – if that weren’t enough – a theme song from UK pop anomaly Susan Boyle. Recommended ages: 7 and up.

2012, 90 min, Belgium, Dir: Vincent Bal

Nono (newcomer Thomas Simon), the son of the world’s greatest police inspector, is on a train trip to see his boring uncle when adventure calls. He meets his father’s arch-nemesis, notorious criminal Felix Glick, and puts his detective skills to work, wearing disguises and evading police as he heads to the French Riviera, where Felix introduces Nono to seductive nightclub chanteuse Lola Ciperola (Isabella Rossellini). With only twenty-four hours to go before his Bar Mitzvah, Nono must complete his high-stakes mission – while also confronting the mystery of his own identity and the truth about the mother he has never known. Based on the coming-of-age novel by Israeli writer David Grossman, The THE ZIGZAG KID is a stylish, witty, action-packed caper a la THE PINK PANTHER that also touches on more serious themes of self-discovery, the strength of family, and acceptance. Recommended Ages: 8 and up. In English, Dutch and French with English subtitles.

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