1941, Warner Bros., 100 min, USA, Dir: Raoul Walsh

Script by John Huston and W.R. Burnett, from Burnett’s novel. The quintessential gangster romance, from the pen of one of America’s most important crime writers. Humphrey Bogart plays Mad Dog Earle, an outlaw looking for one last score, sidetracked by love, hounded by inescapable fate. With the incomparable Ida Lupino and Joan Leslie, both taking excellently to Walsh’s rugged and fast-paced direction. Remade twice, as COLORADO TERRITORY and I DIED A THOUSAND TIMES.

1988, Warner Bros., 124 min, USA, Dir: Glenn Gordon Caron

Hustler Daryl Pointer (Michael Keaton) checks himself into a rehab clinic in an attempt to hide out for a while, but soon has to face the fact that he's an addict himself. Michael Keaton gives one of his best performances as the cocaine-addicted Daryl, and Morgan Freeman and Kathy Baker offer top-notch support.

2008, 110 min, USA, Dir: Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton directs and stars in this tale of a tormented hit man who finds a kindred spirit when he encounters an abused wife (Kelly Macdonald) hiding out from her cop husband (Bobby Cannavale). Roger Ebert called Keaton's directorial debut "original, absorbing, and curiously moving in ways that are far from expected."

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