1954, Park Circus/UA, 85 min, USA, Dir: Arnold Laven

Seeking to solve the murder of a colleague, G-man John Ripley (Broderick Crawford) doggedly tears into the dead agent’s last three cases, hoping to discover the killer. He uncovers a trifecta of female trouble (Ruth Roman, Martha Hyer and Marisa Pavan), all entangled in extortion and murder. Based on true FBI cases, the film benefits from fantastic Los Angeles location work, including one of the earliest (and best) uses of the famed Hollywood Sign.

1959, United Artists [MGM Repertory], 83 min, USA, Dir: Paul Stanley

This late entry in the noir cycle, based on Irving Shulman’s popular novel, explores social realism in the barrio and features a stunning performance by John Saxon as a Puerto Rican ex-con pulled every which way by familial pressures, a love affair (with beautiful co-star Linda Cristal) and the lure of his former gang. Not on DVD!

2010, Sophimages, 85 min, Belgium, Dir: Sophie Schoukens

Young Marieke works at a Brussels chocolate factory during the day, and at night half-heartedly entertains relationships with a number of older suitors. When Jacoby, a book editor searching for Marieke's late father's unfinished manuscript, arrives on the scene, Marieke's world is turned upside down. Does she love Jacoby? Will her relationship with Jacoby push her emotionally distant mother even farther away from her? In French with English subtitles.

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