2018, Le Pacte, 106 min, Italy/France, Dir: Valerio Mieli

Director Valerio Mieli (TEN WINTERS) returns with this sophomore feature about a pair of lovers (Luca Marinelli and Linda Caridi) who experience universal feelings ranging from joy to despair as their relationship evolves over the course of several years. Blending past and present and alternating between the two perspectives, Mieli delivers a contemplative portrait of the nature of memory and its ever-complicated relationship to fleeting emotions. A poetic collage reminiscent of Terrence Malick’s work, RICORDI? will touch anyone who has gone through the emotional turmoil of being in love. Winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Venice Film Festival 2018 and the Best Cinematography Award at the 2019 Italian Golden Globes. “An ambitious tour-de-force about love, time and memory.” - Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter.

2019, Well Go, 123 min, Italy/Belgium, Dir: Matteo Rovere

The legend of the founding of Rome has been told for millennia, but never like this. With gritty realism and a shocking attention to detail, Matteo Rovere’s ROMULUS & REMUS: THE FIRST KING is an immersive journey into 8th century B.C. Old Latium, where two 18-year-old twin shepherds dream of ruling an empire bigger than the world has ever seen. Spoken entirely in an authentic proto-Italic dialect and featuring committed performances by Alessandro Borghi (Remus) and Alessio Lapice (Romulus), the film is both a violent and bloody sword-and-sandal epic and a surprisingly touching drama about the explosive collision of human will and destiny. Winner of Best Film at the Busto Arsizio Film Festival 2019.

2019, 120 min, Argentina/Spain, Dir: Juan José Campanella

Juan José Campanella’s first live-action feature since Oscar winner THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES shows the writer-director to be as adept with comedy as he is with drama. When two fans show up at the mansion where an aging actress (Graciela Borges) resides with her retinue, their flattery masks their real intent - to acquire the property for real estate development. “Enjoyably over-the-top, well-played and in some passages an homage to those acid, preposterous Ealing comedies, WEASEL’S TALE’s script cleverly pits two kinds of actors against one another - traditional movie star vs entrepreneurial whiz kid - to see who comes out on top, and the result is often sharp, funny and never dull.” - Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter.

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