2017, Rai Com, 106 min, Italy, Dir: Francesco Bruni

Alessandro (Andrea Carpenzano) is a tempestuous young slacker and a source of endless frustration to his father. Giorgio (Giuliano Montaldo) is a former poet in the early stages of Alzheimer syndrome. The two live within a stone’s throw of one another, but their paths have never crossed … until Alessandro is forced to accompany the old man on his afternoon walks. Bruni received a Nastri d'Argento Award for Best Screenplay for this heartwarming dramedy.

2017, True Colors, 103 min, Italy, Dir: Sergio Castellitto

After the international success of DON’T MOVE, director Sergio Castellitto returns with this suburban fairy tale of female empowerment. On the verge of a divorce from her contentious husband and with a young daughter in therapy, Fortunata (Cannes Best Actress winner Jasmine Trinca, in a star-making performance) is struggling to stay afloat, her dream of owning a beauty salon seemingly impossible - until a new love brings hope into her life.

2017, Rai Com, 103 min, Italy, Dir: Gianni Amelio

Renato Carpentieri won the Italian Golden Globes Best Actor award as retired lawyer Lorenzo, a self-centered grouch with a heart of gold. His health failing and estranged from his family, Lorenzo grows close to the new family next door - but the neighboring household is not as happy as it seems, and catastrophe awaits. Amelio’s adaptation of Lorenzo Moreno’s prize-winning novel The Temptation to Be Happy is both a powerfully acted character study and an evocative portrait of middle-class Naples.

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