2017, 124 min, Czech Republic, Dir: David Mrnka

This stunning biopic of revolutionary Czech politician Milada Horáková’s (Ayelet Zurer) fight for her country’s freedom was nominated for Best Film at the Czech Lion awards. While her story is not commonly known in the western part of the world, Horáková’s fight for gender equality is as timely as ever. Zurer gives a passionate, memorable performance in the title role, while Robert Gant provides a moving depiction of her supportive and defiant husband. With its award-winning costumes and makeup, MILADA is a film as beautiful as it is tragic.

2018, 110 min, Romania, Dir: Stere Gulea

31 years after the release of the Romanian classic THE MOROMETE FAMILY, director Stere Gulea returns to the family and its small community of peasant neighbors with this long-awaited sequel. The film finds Ilie (Horatiu Malaele) and his clan struggling to survive after WWII, as the Iron Curtain begins to descend upon Romania and villages across the country are collectivized. Faced with rapid change, Ilie tries to defend his land and keep his family together.

2017, 106 min, Greece, Dir: Dora Masklavanou

A lavish period drama set in 1950s Greece, POLYXENI follows its titular character (Katia Goulioni) from her childhood as an orphan through her adoption by a rich Greek Istanbulite family and her eventual rise to prominence as the heir to a fortune. Told through a series of flashbacks, Polyxeni’s life is riddled with obstacles as she struggles to navigate bourgeoisie society, where loyalties are always in question. Her true concern, however, is neither power nor money, but finding the long-lost brother from whom she was separated as a child. Winner of Best Feature Film and Best Performance (for Goulioni) at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival 2017.

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