2012, The Cinema Guild, 157 min, Turkey, Dir: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

From the pre-eminent Turkish director of somber human dramas comes an unlikely road movie. Police are conducting an investigation across Anatolia’s haunted landscape to find the remains of a murder victim. The main suspect has confessed and is cooperating, but he was too intoxicated at the time of the killing to remember the location of the body. As the search draws on, tensions escalate, and individual stories slowly emerge from the weary small talk of the men. At once epic and intimate, Ceylan’s latest explores the twisted web of truth, and the occasional kindness of lies.

1989, Sony Repertory, 86 min, Dir: Phillip Noyce

A loose adaptation of the beloved ZATOICHI series, BLIND FURY stars Rutger Hauer as Nick Parker, a blind samurai sword-wielding Vietnam vet, who slices and dices his way through the Reno-based criminal organization that kidnapped his old army buddy (played by Terry O'Quinn). The mob boss (Noble Willingham) soon finds that he has messed with the wrong guy, as neither swarms of henchman nor hired assassins are any match for Nick’s skill with the blade.

1981, Universal, 99 min, Dir: Bruce Malmuth

In this inventive action-thriller, Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams star as New York City cops tasked with bringing down an international terrorist played by the inimitable Rutger Hauer. “Nighthawks is an exciting cops and killers yarn with Sylvester Stallone to root for and cold-blooded Rutger Hauer to hate.” – Variety, 1980.

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