1947, MGM [Warner Bros.], 99 min, USA, Dir: Curtis Bernhardt

“So tense! So taut! It closes in on you like a high wall!” Quintessential postwar noir! Brain-damaged vet Robert Taylor confesses to murdering his unfaithful wife and is sentenced to a sanitarium. His doctor (sexy Audrey Totter) gradually realizes he might not be guilty. Taylor gives his best performance ever in this neglected gem, which combines a classic “wrong man” scenario with an intriguing take on the psychic scars suffered by wounded WWII veterans.

1968, 20th Century Fox, 120 min, UK, Dir: Bryan Forbes

Michael Caine is cat burglar Henry Clarke, who with accomplices the Moreaus (Giovanna Ralli and Eric Portman) plans and executes an elaborate diamond heist from the epic estate of millionaire Salinas (David Buck).

1965, Universal, 108 min, UK, Dir: Sidney J. Furie

Low-key, irresistibly sexy thief-turned-spy Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) is introduced to the hilariously inscrutable bureaucracy of the British Secret Service when he tries to find out who is behind a "brain drain" of top scientists. Features one of composer John Barry’s most weirdly beautiful scores.

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