1992, Sony Repertory, 105 min, USA, Dir: Carl Franklin

After Michael Beach, Cynda Williams and Billy Bob Thornton (who co-wrote the taut script) leave Los Angeles following a particularly bloody drug robbery, LAPD detectives suspect they’ll head to Star City, Arkansas. Talkative local sheriff Bill Paxton is excited by the prospect of doing real police work - but he has a connection to one of the criminals that he doesn’t disclose in this unpredictable crime thriller. Critic Gene Siskel’s favorite film of 1992.

1948, 86 min, USA, Dir: André de Toth

Insurance agent Dick Powell, facing a midlife crisis, falls for hard-luck model Lizabeth Scott - but brutish private eye Raymond Burr already has designs on her. The men wage war for her charms … and she already has her hands full with a convict lover about to be sprung from jail. Who'll survive this guilt-sodden affair? A downbeat, compelling classic.

1983, Universal, 113 min, USA, Dir: Richard Franklin

Two decades after the horrific events of the Alfred Hitchcock original, Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) is paroled from a mental institution and returns to the family business, which has been turned into a sleazy adult motel. With a victim’s relative (Vera Miles, reprising her earlier role) vehemently opposed to his release, the pressure hits Norman from all sides, and it’s not long before “Mother” reappears and the bodies start dropping again. With Meg Tilly, Robert Loggia and Dennis Franz.

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