2017, 92 min, Dir: Jimmy Henderson

Cambodia’s first true martial arts film unleashes the traditional style of bokator in all its bone-crunching fury. The all-female Butterfly Gang has its fingers in seemingly every criminal enterprise imaginable, so when the police capture lone male member Playboy, they ship him off to the most secure prison in the nation. But no prison is unreachable for the Butterfly Gang, who incite the inmates to riot, with rival factions struggling to be the one to silence Playboy before he has the chance to speak to the police trapped inside. Stars Dara Our and Tharoth Sam are both highly trained in bokator, and it shows through the raw, energetic fight choreography.

1987, Concorde Pictures, 77 min, USA, Dir: Deborah Brock

“Thrills, chills, guitars and drills!” Revving from its slumber five years later, the only female-written-and-directed slasher film franchise returns louder than ever. Courtney (Crystal Bernard) has nightmares about a power drill-wielding maniac who terrorized her sexually repressed sister years earlier; hoping to clear her mind, she and members of her all-girl rock band rent a condo to play some music and party hard. However, Courtney’s nightmares spill into reality as the driller killer returns looking to make some noise.

1982, New World Pictures, 77 min, USA, Dir: Amy Holden Jones

“You bring the pizza … I’ll bring the drill.” A horror film written and directed by women that proves the ladies can serve up the slaughter just as well as the boys, as a group of high school girls decides to throw a slumber party that turns into a night of terror when an escaped lunatic crashes the party with his big power drill. Written with a feminist slant as a critique of the slasher genre, THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE is a rare exploitation film that delivers the goods to the audience while having something deeper to say.

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