1923, MoMA, 95 min, USA, Dir: Ernst Lubitsch

Mary Pickford was one of the biggest movie stars in the world when she brought Ernst Lubitsch to Hollywood to direct her in this impressive costume romance. Adapted from an 1872 opera, the film is set in Seville, Spain, where the title character (one of Pickford’s first adult roles) is a poor street singer who catches the eye of the king. Rosita has no interest in the lecherous monarch but is in love with Don Diego (George Walsh) - a soldier who has fallen out of favor with the king and been sentenced to death. For this restoration of ROSITA, composer and conductor Gillian B. Anderson worked from a 1923 cue sheet to track down the required pieces of music from collections all over the world and reassemble the film’s original score.

1988, Flora Film, 92 min, Italy, Dir: Bruno Mattei

Ever seen PREDATOR? Well, the makers of ROBOWAR sure did. Reb Brown (YOR: HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE) leads a squad of commandos through the unforgiving jungles for some reason while being stalked by a robotic killer wearing a motorcycle helmet.

2018, Indie Sales, 105 min, Italy, Dir: Gabriele Muccino

“This movie is about everything: life, our existences, about how difficult it is to live with anyone, from your partner to your children and finally your parents … how hard it is to be fair,” notes Gabriele Muccino of this appealing ensemble dramedy, which follows a string of U.S.-set English-language films (including THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS) by the director. The setting here is an island off the Italian coast, where an extended clan has reunited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of grandparents Pietro and Alba; when a storm traps them for two days, three generations struggle to sort out long-simmering family issues.

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