2018, Cinema Epoch, 115 min, USA, Dir: Damon Packard

Writer-director Damon Packard's (REFLECTIONS OF EVIL) latest ultimate mind-bending epic, THE UNTITLED YUPPIE FEAR THRILLER (aka NIGHT PULSE aka FATAL PULSE - Packard may keep re-titling it every six months) was four years in the making, shot at multiple billion-dollar locations (all stolen), and follows the exploits of husband/wife moguls trapped with a deadbeat couch-potato brother in a hallucinogenic 1-900 world of 1991. Featuring Sade, Janet Jackson, William Friedkin, Geddy Lee, Bono and others (actors playing them, that is). Just show up; there is no way to describe this film.

2015, Intervision Picture Corp, 120 min,

This wild anthology film features numerous underground directors, including Bobby Hacker, Jim Kunz, Scooter McCrae, Mike Etoll and Damon Packard.

2007, 58 min, USA, Dir: Damon Packard

In this sequel of sorts to both LOGAN’S RUN and 1984, George Orwell's Winston Smith runs into the daughters of Logan 5 and Francis 7 as they're busy running amok in a park, shooting laser beams at one another. A roller-skating rink in space, “Battlestar Galactica” references and a Ministry of Truth (also known as Universal CityWalk) are all part of this psychedelic sci-fi odyssey.

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