1973, Universal, 129 min, USA, Dir: George Roy Hill

Circa 1936, con artist Robert Redford goes to his mentor, Paul Newman, for help when their mutual friend is whacked by the henchmen of numbers racketeer Robert Shaw. Newman decides to get a gang together that will put in play a complex scheme to fleece homicidal high-roller Shaw of a small fortune. The sterling cast includes Charles Durning, Ray Walston and Eileen Brennan. The epitome of the 1970s buddy film, THE STING won seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Screenplay (by David S. Ward), Costume Design, Art Direction and Music (Marvin Hamlisch, adapted from Scott Joplin’s ragtime tunes).

1971, Warner Bros., 103 min, USA, Dir: Robert Mulligan

This sleeper hit was based on writer Herman Raucher’s experiences as a teen on Nantucket Island during WWII. While hanging out with his friends on the beach, Hermie (Gary Grimes) is drawn to a beautiful older woman (Jennifer O’Neill) whose soldier husband is on duty in France. Though as obsessed with sex as pals Oscy and Benjie, Hermie comes to realize how complicated relationships can be when emotions factor in. Robert Surtees’ cinematography lends this coming-of-age story a nostalgic glow, as does Michel Legrand’s Oscar-winning score and its haunting theme song, “The Summer Knows.”

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