1993, Warner Bros. , 92 min, United States , Dir: James B. Harris

Rudolph “Red” Diamond’s (Dennis Hopper) worries only increase when he’s released from prison - he owes the mob money and they’re eager to get it. Red and his psychopathic protégé (Viggo Mortensen) leave a trail of bodies as they chase down cash; unfortunately for them, one of their victims was the partner of Treasury officer Jimmy Mercer (Wesley Snipes), who’ll do whatever it takes to avenge his colleague’s death. This gritty action drama features an excellent cast including Lolita Davidovich, Seymour Cassel, Valerie Perrine and Dan Hedaya.

1989, Paramount, 107 min, USA, Dir: David S. Ward

Ex-showgirl Rachel Phelps inherits the Cleveland Indians from her late husband and immediately decides that she wants to get rid of the franchise so she can move to Miami. Her plan: to assemble a team so horrible no one will want to watch them play. The plan backfires, however, when fans embrace the motley crew and the players - who include Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes and Tom Berenger - perform above expectations. This raucous sports comedy from writer-director David S. Ward boasts a stellar supporting cast that features Rene Russo, Corbin Bernsen, and a pre-24 Dennis Haysbert.

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