2014, Film Movement, 92 min, Italy, Dir: Ivano De Matteo

This superb adaptation of Herman Koch’s bestseller will give any parent nightmares. Pediatrician Luigi Lo Cascio and lawyer Alessandro Gassmann dine together every week with their wives; they have a lot to talk about when video surfaces that could implicate their teenage kids in the death of a homeless woman. De Matteo skillfully plays on audience assumptions from start to devastating finish in this look at how close violence remains to even the most placid surface. In Italian with English subtitles.

2013, Media Luna, 110 min, Belgium, Dir: Stijn Coninx

Director Stijn Coninx’s film tells the true story of Rocco Granata (Matteo Simoni), who moves with his family to Belgium in the late-1940s when his father (Luigi Lo Cascio) takes a job mining coal. The young man struggles in his new home until his dad encourages him to latch onto a dream. That dream is music, and the singer/accordionist goes on to top charts around the world with his song “Marina.” Based on the popular performer’s childhood memories, this rags-to-riches biopic has romance, laughs, drama and, of course, plenty of music. In Flemish, Italian and French with English subtitles.

2011, Rai Trade, 120 min, Italy, Dir: Mario Martone

With this recently re-cut version from his original 2010 epic, director Mario Martone's (NASTY LOVE, DEATH OF A NEAPOLITAN MATHEMATICIAN) historical mythbuster follows the real events surrounding Italy's unification in the 19th century, from the nation's stormy birth in the 1820s to its solidification in the 1870s. Edoardo Natoli and Andrea Bosca star as Domenico and Angelo, two commoners loosely based on minor historical figures from the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies who dream of a unified Italy. Over the course of decades, the two transform into very different types of revolutionaries - Domenico siding with the populist movement, with Angelo becoming a violent nihilist willing to murder friends and enemies. With Luigi Lo Cascio (THE BEST OF YOUTH) and Francesca Inaudi (AFTER MIDNIGHT). For lovers of Luchino Visconti's THE LEOPARD, this is a must-see! In Italian with English subtitles.

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