1957, Warner Bros., 115 min, UK, Dir: Laurence Olivier

Prince-regent Grandduke Charles of Carpatha (Sir Laurence Olivier, who also directs) is visiting London for the coronation of the new British king in 1911, when one night he indulges his proclivities and stops by the Coconut Girl Club. There he meets gorgeous but clumsy club singer Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) and against his better judgment, invites the curvaceous chanteuse to a private dinner. Little does the prince know that Elsie understands German, and when she overhears Charles mentioning his son’s plans to switch alliances to Germany, she gets to work on the wee tasks of reconciling the two royals and keeping Carpatha from tipping the volatile Europe into war. With Jeremy Spenser and Sybil Thorndike.

1940, Walt Disney Pictures, 130 min, Dir: Alfred Hitchcock

Director Alfred Hitchcock’s Gothic romance asks the question: Did guilt-ridden, rich widower Laurence Olivier do away with his notorious wife Rebecca or not? And what secret does sinister, manipulating housekeeper Mrs. Danvers (Judith Anderson) hold? As the widower’s second wife, a young Joan Fontaine attempts to unravel the mystery.

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