1999, Universal, 112 min, USA, Dir: Spike Jonze

Director Spike Jonze and writer Charlie Kaufman made their feature debuts - and earned Oscar nominations - with this surreal fantasy. When puppeteer Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) gets a job at the strange LesterCorp, he discovers a secret portal leading into the mind of John Malkovich. When Schwartz’s wife (Cameron Diaz) and co-worker (Catherine Keener) learn of this, they begin using the actor to advance their own agendas.

2007, The Weinstein Company, 104 min, USA, Dir: Mikael Håfström

Based on a Stephen King short story, this hit horror thriller stars John Cusack as a writer who specializes in debunking accounts of the paranormal. When he gets an anonymous tip that Room 1408 in New York City’s Dolphin hotel is haunted, he insists on checking in - despite hotel manager Samuel L. Jackson’s warning that he may not live to check out. With Mary McCormack and Tony Shalhoub.

1985, Warner Bros., 97 min, USA, Dir: Savage Steve Holland

“Savage” Steve Holland's directorial debut is an inventive, hilarious comedy that features the first noteworthy performance by a then-unknown John Cusack. Cusack plays Lane Meyer, a teenager who becomes despondent when his girlfriend dumps him for a jock. Convinced he has nothing to lose, he embarks on a suicidal ski run. Also features Diane Franklin, Curtis Armstrong and Aaron Dozier. “Genuinely funny, surprisingly cohesive, and more quotable than the Bible.” - Keith Staskiewicz, Entertainment Weekly.

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