1956, Warner Bros., 92 min, USA, Dir: Richard Brooks

Ernest Borgnine is a middle-aged New York cabbie scraping for years to save up for his own cab. When his daughter (Debbie Reynolds) announces that she is going to marry in a simple ceremony, domineering wife Bette Davis insists on planning a wedding well beyond the working-class family's means, to impress their friends and family and to make up for what she never had. Director Richard Brooks and screenwriter Gore Vidal bring Paddy Chayefsky's story to the screen with sensitivity and intelligence.

1955, MGM/Park Circus, 91 min, USA, Dir: Delbert Mann

Director Delbert Mann and writer Paddy Chayefsky expanded their earlier, award-winning NBC TV drama into this equally acclaimed feature film. Ernest Borgnine delivers an Oscar-winning performance (in the role originally played by Rod Steiger) as a blue-collar Bronx butcher who finds love late in life with schoolteacher Betsy Blair. Winner of Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay.

1967, Warner Bros., 149 min, USA, Dir: Robert Aldrich

Lee Marvin whips a group of unruly criminals (including John Cassavetes and Charles Bronson) into shape for a WWII suicide mission, and the result is an action epic that deals with issues of race, class and war in a massively entertaining context. Ernest Borgnine is an ornery general making Marvin’s life hell.

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