2018, 118 min, Argentina/Spain, Dir: Luis Ortega

Dubbed “the Angel of Death” by the Argentine press, Carlos Robeldo Puch has spent the last 46 years in prison; this sexually charged true-crime story stars Lorenzo Ferro as the baby-faced killer. Though from a comfortable family, Carlos thinks of himself as a born thief and is soon drawn to high school classmate Ramón (Chino Darin), whose father is an ex-con. The two young men quickly graduate from theft to murder. “A stylish period piece boasting solid performances, colorful visuals and a terrific vintage soundtrack.” - Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter.

2015, 100 min, Argentina/Spain, Dir: Diego Corsini

Mario (Javier Godino) arrives at a Spanish hospital to find his father, Miguel (Miguel Ángel Solá), suffering from a degenerative brain disease and trapped in the past, desperate to find someone named “Diana.” Though Mario knows little of Miguel, he soon learns that his father was an Argentine activist who fled the coup in 1976, leaving behind his great love. Through flashbacks featuring Carla Quevedo and Chino Darín (as the young Miguel), this richly layered film becomes an effective mix of family drama and political thriller.

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