1976, Rialto Pictures, 139 min, UK, Dir: Nicolas Roeg

This stylish cult favorite stars rocker David Bowie (in his feature debut) as the exotic and mysterious Thomas Jerome Newton - an extraterrestrial hoping to save his drought-ravaged planet. With his advanced technology, Newton easily amasses wealth and power, but he has considerably more trouble dealing with human desires and fears. Enigmatic and beautiful, this is one of the most distinctive sci-fi films of the 1970s. Costarring Rip Torn, Candy Clark and Buck Henry.

1980, Sony Repertory, 123 min, USA, Dir: John Cassavetes

Writer-director John Cassavetes was hardly known for crime thrillers, but he made a riveting one in GLORIA. Gena Rowlands earned an Oscar nomination in the tough-as-nails title role, a mobster’s ex-girlfriend on the run through the gritty streets of New York with a young boy being targeted by hit men. Costarring Buck Henry.

1993, Warner Bros., 187 min, USA, Dir: Robert Altman

Working from short stories by Raymond Carver, director Robert Altman creates a funny, tragic and wholly original portrait of Southern Californians whose lives intersect in surprising ways. The cast is one of Altman's best: Matthew Modine, Julianne Moore, Buck Henry, Lily Tomlin, Tom Waits, Andie MacDowell, Jack Lemmon, Lili Taylor and Robert Downey Jr. are just a few of the stars in this masterpiece.

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