1988, Vinegar Syndrome, 88 min, USA, Dir: Bill Hinzman

“They’re coming to get you Barbara … again?” In 1968, Bill Hinzman shambled his way through a Pittsburgh cemetery, becoming the very first zombie in George A. Romero’s landmark horror film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Twenty years later - thanks to a lack of copyright on NIGHT - he literally resurrected his iconic ghoul, writing, directing and starring in a very unauthorized pseudo-sequel. When an ancient evil is accidentally awakened on Halloween, unleashing a horde of zombies, a group of college students must try to warn the town before they all become the living dead. Featuring a plethora of gory special effects, a haunting score, and the ability to withstand a double blast of lawsuits from Romero and NIGHT co-writer John A. Russo, Hinzman's tour de force will melt your mind and eat you alive.

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